MoonDEX is a high speed and high capacity decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

With the rising of cryptocurrencies, the current mainstream exchanges still did not utilise the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology. Many centralized exchanges were hacked in 2017, leading to the loss of tens of millions of USD.

Decentralized exchanges can solve the safety issues. Because they do not normally hold the fund. However, most of the current decentralized exchanges are slow and hard to use, even for tech-savvy. As early traders and adopters ourselves, we experienced missing good trade prices due to the slow deposit, losing funds and etc. It is time to say goodbye to the pains.


Why MoonDEX?

MoonDEX is NOT yet another Masternode coin

Implementing the Masternode technology, we are able to build a truly decentralised system and achieve high speed at the same time. There is no single point of failure. The exchange users have control of their coins.

The main focus of MoonDEX is to achieve the performance of the traditional centralised exchange while providing top-level security for our users. We will build a fast, secure and easy to use platform for peer to peer cryptocurrencies exchanging.


MoonDEX Coin is a new type of cryptocurrency based on Masternodes. It is the foundation of the MoonDEX project.
The main benefits are:

πŸŒ™ Collaterals for setting up Masternodes to support the blockchain network.

πŸŒ™ Masternode collects the rewards of the new coins generated in new blocks.

πŸŒ™ Masternode maintainers can provide exchange network access service to share the profits of the exchange, which is on top of the new block rewards. This can guarantee a fast exchange with a wide network of access points.

πŸŒ™ MoonDEX Coin hodlers can stake their coins to share the profits of the exchange.

πŸŒ™ 50% of profits will be shared each month in major currencies.

πŸŒ™ Vote on the coins to be listed (To be decided later)

πŸŒ™ Discounted transactions fees(To be decided later)

πŸŒ™ More… We constantly find ways to benefit our lovely supporters.



Total number of coins



x16r, ASIC-resistant

Block reward

50 MDEXs
20% PoW +
80% Masternode
The first 5000 blocks has 1 MDEX rewards to prevent instamine

Block time

2 minute

Block reward halving

25% every year

Masternode collateral

2500 MDEXs

The collateral for Access Point masternode is most likely to be the same.

Masternode reward

40 MDEXs

Where to buy MDEX?

MoonDEX Exchange

2.6m (Will be used for promotions, adding new Moon Builders, listing on the masternodes lists etc.)


Download the latest wallets here:



Holding MoonDEX Masternode is a fantastic way to earn a passive income while providing support to the exchange.
Not only the mining rewards, a significant portion of the exchange’s profits will be shared with the masternode hodlers who also provide additional access points to boost the speed.
This is the unique feature of the MoonDEX and one of the reasons why we will be much faster than our competitors.


Q1 2018

Start of the MoonDEX Coin Development

Start of the MoonDEX MVP Development

Q2 2018

Launch of MoonDEX Coin

Masternodes presale

Build community

Q3 2018

MoonDEX MVP online ( in September

MoonDEX Coin listed on MoonDEX MVP

Accept new coins list on the MoonDEX exchange

Q4 2018

Recruit more fulltime Moon Builders

MoonDEX exchange mainnet online

Masternode with exchange nodes online

Profits share payouts

MoonDEX Coin listed on other exchanges

Q1 2019

Gatways secured by masternodes

Mobile wallet