Best Deep-Dive Course Into Aged Domains

Learn how I’ve used aged domains to build and merge content sites to 6 & 7-figure valuations

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What’s in the course?

Detailed videos covering the best scenarios to use aged domains, where to find aged domains, due diligence, and much more

Includes 5+ real-life case studies, where I cover the theory/plan, the implementation, and the results

Why do I need it?

Maybe you’ve heard of success with aged domains, but did you know that most are failures?

With this, you will get a deep dive into the concepts, processes, and mindset to fine-tune your aged domain strategy

What’s included?

This is a video-based course with 4+ hours of recordings

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What’s Covered In The Aged Domain Course?

This course is 14+ years of experience boiled down into actionable and organized videos. No fluff. Actionable content guaranteed.

Concept of using aged domains

Good vs bad uses cases

3 strategies of using aged domains

Frameworks for 301 redirects

How to find aged domains (marketplaces, auctions, etc.)

How to perform due diligence

Red flags you should be aware of

5 successful uses of aged domains (case studies)

Failed sites on aged domains

Bonus #1: how I merged multiple aged sites to build The Website Flip to a 7-figure valuation

Bonus #2: over-the-shoulder walkthroughs of how I vet real domains

Bonus #3: how I got traffic within 3 days of resurrecting an aged domain

Bonus #4: $200 credit for any aged domain purchase at Odys Marketplace

🆕 Bonus #5: Access to a database of 8,500+ aged abandoned websites you can outreach to acquire

The course is organized into 11 modules. There are 40+ lessons total with over 4 hours of recordings. It’s jam-packed!

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6 Reasons To Get The Course Right Now

Instant access to 4+ hours of videos

You could spend countless hours learning about aged domains from non-expert sources, or you can access this actionable and organized course today.

Real Due Diligence Reviews

Get exclusive access to live due diligence reviews of aged domains for sale from auctions and marketplaces.

Made specifically for content websites

Every course lesson is fine-tuned to help you learn how to discover hidden gems, vet, and implement aged domains in your niche website strategy.

For Beginners and Experts

This course will help beginners understand the A to Z of using aged domains. For experts, it provides strategies for rapidly growing your existing portfolio. It’s for everyone.

Free updates on newly added lessons

Stay up-to-date with new lessons, case studies, and teardowns that get added.

100% money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? We will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

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Mushfiq is very knowledgeable about his subject matter and a great resource.

His website is an in-depth resource, and I gained a lot from my consulting session with him.

Jared Bauman

Niche Pursuits

Valuable information and products

Mushfiq’s products are top notch! Not only that the service he provides and knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into website investing and owning use his products and services.

J Paul Dodson

You 100% get what you pay for

This is the go to place for learning how to buy, grow, and sell online businesses. The straightforward & practical approach of Mushfiq makes his content stand out in the industry. I’ve personally taken his course & 1 website teardown. 100% you get what you pay for.

Liam Lafferty

The Full Course Syllabus

This course will help you master aged domains for niche sites. Here’s how…

Introduction 19 mins

What are age domains?4:46
Expired vs aged domains2:24
Pros vs cons of aged domains5:30
Good vs bad uses cases3:09
What’s an aged site?2:26

How To Used Aged Domains 11 mins

Build new authority site2:59
Redirect to existing site3:10
Build microsite then merge3:46

Redirect Frameworks 13 mins

Homepage redirect (The Wildcard Approach)3:27
Category redirect (The Silo Approach)3:24
Merger article redirect (The M&A Approach)3:42
Variations of the 3 strategies2:47

How To Find Aged Domains 22 mins

Aged domain marketplaces3:52
GoDaddy Auctions5:28
Domain Searching Tools4:26

Due Diligence 34 mins

Investment Criteria6:14
6-step Due Diligence framework27:45

Setting Up Aged Domains 27 mins

Performing an audit16:42
Setup aged domain1:21
Setting up 301 redirects9:00

Due Diligence Teardowns 40 mins

4 live teardowns of aged domains40:00

Successful & Failed Case Studies 79 mins

Authority Site: $10K/mo dating site from GoDaddy auctions4:30
Authority Site: B2B niche3:50
Domain Redirect: aged domain to a niche site6:39
Site Merger: to TheWebsiteFlip.com38:45
Site Merger: to TheWebsiteFlip.com7:26
Failed site in the kitchen niche17:11

Case Study: Instant Traffic with a B2B Niche Aged Domain

I found an aged domain on an aged domain marketplace that aligned exactly with an affiliate offer that I was already a partner for.

I bought the aged domain, put a website with 10 articles, performed the 301 redirects, and let it sit. Usually, it takes weeks to months for traffic to come (if done right).

In this case, I was ranking top 5 for all of my keywords in a few days. Here are the last 30 days’ traffic chart:

Real world aged domain results

Learn how to find, build, and grow websites on aged domains in this deep-dive course

A Word From The Creator

Hey, Mushfiq here! I have been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. I’ve sold over 200+ websites with multiple six-figure exits.

I organized and created this course to share insights into how to use aged domains the proper way without shortcuts. I’ve been using aged domes for the last several years and have built/sold multiple 6 figure profit-generating websites.

This course is my years of experience summarized into actionable lessons. I teach you the basics of aged domains, how to source and vet them, and advanced use-cases and frameworks.

My expertise has been recognized by the top websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels in the industry. Here’s a selection of them:

Mushfiqur Sarker
The Course on Website Flipping has been featured in many places
The Website Flip has been featured on
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Aged Domain Course + Aged Assets Database

$290, one time.

Includes video course and Aged Assets database of 8,500 real abandoned websites

  • Add-On: 8,500 abandoned website database!
  • 4+ hours of video lessons
  • 5+ real-life aged domain implementations
  • Live due diligence of aged domain acquisitions
  • Case studies
  • Lifetime updates

Aged Domain Course

$190, one time.

Tap into multiple years of expertise in buying and building content websites on aged domains.

  • 4+ hours of video lessons
  • 5+ real-life aged domain implementations
  • Live due diligence of aged domain acquisitions
  • Case studies
  • Lifetime updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view sample lessons before buying the course?

Sure! Here is a selection of two lessons out of 41 total for you to preview.

What are aged domains? [4:46]

Authority Site: $10K/mo Dating Site [4:30]

Who is this course for?

This course is both for beginners and experts.

For beginners, the course will walk you through the beginning concepts all the way to aged domain implementation. You will learn the terminology, where to find sites to buy, how to do due diligence and valuations, and more.

For experts, this course can act as a standardized framework for you to systematically use aged domains to build a portfolio.

In addition, both beginners and experts will find immense value in the live aged domain due diligence videos.

How is the course structured?

This is a deep-dive course into the world of aged domains. The included topics are:

  • Module 1 [The Introduction]: deep-dive into basics of aged domains
  • Module 2 [How To Use Aged Domains]: deep-dive into use-cases
  • Module 3 [Redirect Strategies]: ways to perform aged domain redirects using 301s
  • Module 4 [Finding Aged Domains]: using marketplaces, auctions, and tools
  • Module 5 [Due Diligence]: red flags to look out for on an aged domain
  • Module 6 [Setting Up Aged Domains]: process of doing an audit, setting them up, and redirects
  • Module 7 [Due Diligence Teardowns]: live teardown reviews of actual aged domains
  • Module 8 [Successful Use Cases]: real-life case studies of successful aged domains in use
  • Module 9 [Failed Use Cases]: real-life case studies of bad uses of aged domains

The course has been designed such that you could theoretically start at any module. However, it’s in your best interest to go sequentially. 

What’s the format of the course?

The course consists of video recordings walking you through the concepts with examples and case studies. In addition, some lessons include a combination of video plus written content.

What if I fall behind?

A common concern many people have when signing up for a course is that they will run out of time or fall behind.

That is not possible with this course because it is self-paced. You can finish it in a few days, or take your time with it. Whether it takes days, weeks, or months, it does not matter. You will always have access to the course.

I don’t know anything about aged domains, is this for me?

Yes! This is the getting started course on aged domains. It’s designed to take someone who has limited knowledge to understand the intricacies of building out revenue-generating content sites on aged domains.

If you are brand new, you will get value.

How do I get access and what happens after I sign up?

This course is completely online-based.

Once payment is made, you will be instantly enrolled in the course platform and can start learning right away.

Isn’t everything in this course online for free already?

This is a fully comprehensive course teaching you the real ins and outs of using aged domains.

You won’t find anything as comprehensive on YouTube, or blogs. While you may find things here and there online for free, it won’t provide you with the full picture.

Do I get discounts on your other products?

Yes! Inside the course, there are exclusive discounts to, a database of 120+ strategies to 10X your site’s growth,, a due diligence dashboard and database of questions, and The Course on Website Flipping.

These products are not necessary to be successful but they do help in the journey.

What is the Aged Assets database?

You can use the database to find opportunities to acquire & rebuild aged sites. The database includes 8,500+ URLs that can be filtered

Here is a sample of the database:

The most obvious use is to reach out to the site owners, buy them, improve them, and monetize them.

There are other ways to leverage this list though. For example:

  • Buy them and 301 redirect to your site in the same/related niche
  • Outreach to them for backlinks
  • Buy them and sell backlinks

I have another question…

No problem! Use the chatbox on the bottom right of the page or send an email to