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mushfiq sarker
Last updated: March 13, 2024

Link building, a critical component of SEO that many entrepreneurs dread.

It’s one of the hardest aspects of SEOs because there are SO MANY factors that go into vetting a quality link.

This is one aspect of SEO that I am personally not good at. After reaching out to websites to ask for a link, getting rejected, negotiating, and then writing an article, it turns out that I spent hours to get a single link.

So I’ve been in the search to find a link building service that does everything for me.

Here are the ones I’ve tested.

Use Vettted to Find Link Building Services

Vettted is my SEO marketplace, where you can find SEO experts to help grow your business. 

Each service provider is carefully vetted before they are allowed to sell through the platform, so you’re guaranteed to find a true SEO professional to work with.

As a complete SEO marketplace, Vettted is a one-stop shop for every SEO service you can think of. You’ll find dozens of experts in technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO, including link building.

Unlike some link building services, a key advantage of hiring through Vettted is that you will know exactly who is delivering your links. You’ll be in direct contact with your expert, rather than dealing with the customer service team of a faceless agency.

Ready to get started? Find SEO link building services on Vettted now.

The 7 Best Link Building Services

In my experience, the following seven link building services are among the best in the business. But how do they compare?

Check the comparison table below and read my summary of what each service offers to find out more about them. A few minutes research could help you to find the best link building service for your business.

ServiceBest forContract / Pay-per-linkStarting price
FAT JOEInfographic link campaignsPay-per-link$78.60 per link
Page One PowerVariety of link building strategiesPay-per-link$600 per link
OutreachZUser-generated content linksPay-per-link$60 per link
Outreach MonksCheap guest postsContract or Pay-per-link$59 per link

Managed service from $599 per month
RhinoRankCheap link insertionsPay-per-link$42.50 per link
uSerpLarge businesses willing to commit long-termContract – Min. 6 months$5,000 per month
LinkBuilder.ioLarge businesses looking for flexibility or a short-term campaignContract – Min. 1 month$2,999 per month



FAT JOE is a full-service SEO agency that I rate highly and would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable link building service. FAT JOE offers a range of SEO tools and a suite of written and video SEO guides

Alongside link building, FAT JOE offers content writing, digital PR, keyword research, and design and video services.

FAT JOE’s guest post and link insertion services are provided exclusively by native UK and US, while a team of native speakers offers multilingual link building. Unlike many other link building services, FAT JOE can also help you build links through the use of original infographics. 

When you place your first order of links from FAT JOE, you are covered by their risk-free money-back guarantee, which promises a refund for the cost of up to 10 link placements if you’re not completely satisfied.


  • Guest posting
  • Link insertions
  • Infographic outreach
  • Multilingual link building


  • Guest posting, niche edits, and infographics from $78.60 per post.
  • Multilingual link building from $262 per placement.

2. Page One Power

Page One Power

Founded by brothers, Jon and Zach Ball, Page One Power has been helping SEOs to gain links since 2012. In that time, the company has worked on over 1,000 websites, earned over 15,000 links, and created over 6,000 bespoke assets designed to attract natural backlinks.

As well as standard link building tactics like guest posting and link insertions, Page One Power uses several other link building tactics. 

These tactics include gaining links through unlinked mentions (converting opportunities where your business is already mentioned but doesn’t yet have a link), broken link building (where broken links to your website are directed to another relevant page), and resource link building (where you create a useful asset that is specifically designed to attract links to your website).


  • Guest posting
  • Link insertions
  • Unlinked mentions
  • Resource link building
  • Broken link building


  • Links are advertised at $600 each, though custom packages and volume discounts are available.

3. OutreachZ


OutreachZ is a link building service at the cheaper end of the market, offering guest posts, press release distribution, and user-generated links.

As well as managed campaigns, where the OutreachZ team delivers links for you, a standout feature of OutreachZ is its marketplace, which allows you to browse publishers and search for link building opportunities by domain authority, organic traffic, or niche topic.

My only word of caution when it comes to OutreachZ is around ‘user-generated’ links. Their website says:

“…our link building services will enrich your backlink portfolio by creating a certain amount of backlinks from [blog comments, forum signatures, profile pages, directories…] without going overboard.”

Personally, I would never recommend deliberately building these kinds of links. 


  • Guest posting
  • Press releases
  • User-generated links


  • Prices range from $60 for a DA (domain authority) 20+ link, up to $235 for a DA50+ link.

4. Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks

Like OutreachZ, Outreach Monks is another low-cost link building service. However, with Outreach Monks, you can choose between ordering links individually or paying monthly for a managed link building service.

Outreach Monks’ managed services start from $599 per month for 5 links in the DR 20 to 49 range. Monthly prices increase depending on the number and quality of links, all the way up to $5,999 per month for 30 links ranging from DR 30 to DR 79.


  • Guest posting
  • Link insertions
  • Multilingual link building
  • Managed link building


  • Guest posts from $59 per post.
  • Link insertions from $79 per link.
  • Multilingual link building from $199.
  • Managed link building services from $599 per month

5. RhinoRank


Rhino Rank claims to build more than 120,000 links every year. That’s an incredible number, but with more than 2,500 customers and a team of 42 people, Rhino Rank is able to offer quality backlinks at scale.

You have two options when you choose to buy links from Rhino Rank: Guest posts or ‘curated links’ (also known as link insertions or niche edits).

Rhino Rank’s guest posting service includes 750+ words of content and manual outreach. Prices range from $70 for a DA10+ link and increase to $250 for a DA50+ link, with various price points in between.

The price of link insertions also varies depending on referring domains (RD) and domain authority (DA). A link from a 20-100 RD (Avg. 10-20 DA) website costs $42.50, while a 1000+ RD (Avg. 40+ DA) link costs $200.


  • Guest posting
  • Link insertions


  • Guest posts from $70 per post.
  • Link insertions from $42.50 per post.

6. uSerp


uSerp is a link building service for major brands and businesses with significant SEO budgets. Their minimum monthly spend is $5,000 per month, but for that, you gain backlinks on some of the world’s biggest and most authoritative websites.

The uSerp process begins with a strategy call to analyze your website and your competition. Next, they create and implement a link building strategy using exclusively white-hat outreach and content-driven link building techniques. 

As you would expect for the costs involved, uSerp’s communication is excellent, with 24/7 Slack communication, a weekly update via your uSerp dashboard, and monthly calls and reports from your account manager.


  • Link building packages with a minimum 6-month commitment.


  • Startup plan: $10,000 per month
  • Scale plan: $15,000 per month
  • Authority plan: $20,000 per month
  • 12-month commitment and quarterly pre-payment discounts are available. Minimum monthly spend of $5000.


LinkBuilder is a premium managed link building service that targets high DR backlinks. The business was founded in 2016 and today consists of 43 SEO professionals who between them have built more than 20,000 links for over 350 clients.

LinkBuilder is similar to uSerp in that, rather than buying on a link by link basis, the service includes the management of all your link building for a monthly fees in the thousands of dollars.

LinkBuilder is cheaper than uSerp, though it’s important to compare packages carefully to ensure you are comparing a like for like service. 

The LinkBuilder Pro package costs $5,999 per month for 16+ links in the DR 50-90 range. This is $4,001 cheaper than uSerp’s Startup plan, which costs $10,000 per month for 9-10 links in the DR 60-90 range.

Another important difference between LinkBuilder and uSerp is that the latter requires a six month commitment, whereas LinkBuilder offers monthly plans that can be cancelled at any time.


  • Monthly link building packages.
  • HARO link building.


  • Startup plan: $2,999 per month
  • Pro plan: $5,999 per month
  • Growth plan: $9,999 per month
  • Enterprise plan: $19,999 per month
  • HARO link building: Price on request.

How Does Link Building Help SEO?

Link building is important for SEO because quality links increase the authority and credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines. 

Acquiring links from authoritative websites passes some of that authority onto your site. This makes it more likely that you will rank at the top of the search engine results pages, which will increase traffic to your website.

Links are also a pathway to your website for visitors and search engine crawlers. Building more links increases the opportunities for visitors to click through to your website and helps search engines discover and rank your content. 

If you don’t do any link building and instead simply wait for links to appear ‘naturally’, then you could be waiting a long time, and miss out on opportunities to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your website.

It’s therefore a good idea to proactively build links. This leaves you with a choice, do you build links yourself or hire a link building service to do it for you?

Why Use a Link Building Service?

There are three key reasons why you might choose to use a link building service, rather than attempting to build backlinks yourself.

  1. Expertise: Professional link building services know all of the tips, tricks, and tactics to secure quality links. They also know all of the pitfalls and will avoid questionable approaches that could do more harm than good.
  2. Access: The best link building services have established relationships with website publishers and can take advantage of these relationships to open up opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.
  3. Time: Link building takes time and hard work. By outsourcing your link building, you can focus on other important areas of your business while your link building service researches link opportunities, contacts publishers, and writes guest posts.

Of course, alongside these positives, there’s also one reason why you might choose not to hire a link building service: Money!

Link building services can be expensive and, as low-quality links can harm your SEO, it’s not an area where you should sacrifice quality to save on cost.

If you don’t have the budget or aren’t willing to risk spending money on links, your only remaining options are to build links yourself or hope that links to your website eventually appear naturally.

If you do choose to spend money on outsourcing your link building, then it’s important to research different services and put the time and effort into finding the best link building service for your needs.

How to Choose a Link Building Service

To help you find the best link building service for your business, I’d like to share the 7 factors that I always consider carefully before buying links from a new service provider.

  1. Experience: Building the wrong links can harm your website. It’s therefore important to make sure you’re working with someone who has the experience to know what they’re doing. 
  2. Approach: To minimize the risk of Google penalties, I always work with link building services that employ white hat link building techniques.
  3. Packages: Some link building services allow you to customize your order and choose specific types of links, while others offer less flexibility. It’s important to choose a package that suits your needs.
  4. Communication: I always contact a new link building service and ask questions or request a call before placing an order. I only work with services that communicate well at this stage, as anything less is a red flag for how they will communicate after I’ve paid.
  5. Reporting: All good link building services will provide comprehensive reports showing the links you’ve gained and key metrics about those links, so that you can assess the performance of your link building campaign.
  6. Reputation: As with any product or service, it’s best to read unbiased testimonials, check reviews and seek out personal recommendations when choosing a link building service.
  7. Price: The price of link building services varies dramatically, from c.$50 for a single link to several thousand dollars per month. Buying cheap links can be risky, but expensive links may not be worth the cost, so it’s important to do your research and choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

Quality links can make an enormous difference to your website’s SEO, and in my opinion, you need to build links proactively. Your competitors will almost certainly be buying links, so you can’t afford to simply sit back and hope that links appear naturally.

If you don’t have much time or your budget is low, then building links yourself is an option. However, if you can afford a link building service then you are likely to see far better results by outsourcing to professionals.

I would personally recommend FAT JOE for your next link building campaign. They’re a reputable company that has a strong track record of building high-quality links and receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers.

FAT JOE gives you the option to choose the number and type of links you need, at an affordable price point, and without having to commit to an expensive monthly contract. They’re not the cheapest link building service out there, but when it comes to building links, it’s important to pay for quality.

Finally, if you prefer to build a relationship with an individual freelancer, rather than work with a large agency, I recommend checking out the link building services on my SEO marketplace, Vettted. 

mushfiq sarker

Analyzed by Mushfiq Sarker

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