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The Website Flip has been featured on various domain blogs and marketplaces

As Featured On

The Website Flip has been featured on various domain blogs and marketplaces

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Buying and selling of domain names can be a lucrative investment vehicle, if done right. Domains can be seen as the "land" in which the Internet is built on. Without a domain, there would not be online businesses showcasing their content websites, e-commerce, SaaS, and more.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between those who create businesses on domains (i.e., website investors), to those who buy/hold/flip domains as an investment. Both of these types of investors can learn from each other, set up unique partnerships, and build higher-value assets.

Check out the different categories we cover on our site:

Brandable Domain Sales

Domain investors acquire brandable domains for their value to end-users. Website investors use those brandable domains to build businesses (especially, content-based websites).

We analyze brandable domain sales to understand industry trends, which TLDs are selling, marketplaces that are most active, and much more.

Weekly Brandable Auction Domains

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Annual Brandable Domain Reports

Every year, we put together data-driven reports that analyze the brandable domains that sold at auction in a specific year. This will give you an idea of how markets have shifted, which industries are booming, and which TLDs are leading the pack. Check them out!

Analysis of the popular domain extenstions that startups have used from Namebio2015, 2016
Analysis of the top 100 brandable sales from Uniregistry2017
Analysis of brandable domain name sales with data obtained from Namebio2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Other Reports

Here is a selection of more data-driven reports:

Newly Funded Startup Domains

Selling domains to well-funded startups is the ideal exit for domain investors. It provides the highest return on investment and ensures the domain is put to good use.

This is why we analyze all newly funded startups on regular basis to see which industries are receiving venture-baked funding. Use this data to understand industry trends, which TLDs startups are buying, and more.

Guide to Domain Investing

Domain investing is lucrative, but only if done in a systematic fashion. It's easy to invest large sums of money in the wrong domains without proper education.

The Concepts

To get started, first read these high-level guides on the concept of domain investing:

The How

These guides will help you understand how to get started:

The Strategies

These are guides on buying specific types of domains:

Industry Trends Analysis

We do deep-drive reports into specific industries where we see domains being acquired and sold by investors. Check them out:

Deep dive into the cannabis domains
Deep dive into the AI domains
Deep dive into the agriculture domains
Deep dive into the esports domains

Questions about Domain Investing

Is website and domain investing similar?

Domain investors acquire hand registered, aged, and expired domains as investments to then hold long-term or they flip immediately to find an end-use buyer (e.g., businesses, or individuals).

Similarly, website investors build content, e-commerce, SaaS, lead generation, services, among other businesses on domains. Website investors also acquire quality domains to ensure their businesses are well-branded.

You can think of website investors as end-user buyers. Many website investors purchase branded domains from domain investors.

Both types of investors have synergies with each other.

How do you flip domains?

Flipping domains is the concept of buying a domain that is undervalued and then finding an individual or entity willing to pay more for it. The profit is the spread between the purchase and flip price, minus any fees (e.g., marketplace fees, taxes).

How do you flip websites?

Website flipping is the concept of buying a content-based website that is underperforming, implementing easy wins to grow traffic and revenues, and then selling the website.

As an investor, the goal is to spot websites for sale that have easy wins remaining. The skillsets required to grow a website include deal flow evaluation, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, finding revenue partnerships, among others.

For more reading material, check out these guides as starting points:

  1. Buying a website
  2. Selling a website

How stable are domain investments?

Domain investments are just like any other investment vehicle. They require proper due diligence into what you are buying with an exit strategy in mind.

Historically, different top-level domains (TLDs) have increased and decreased in popularity thus rendering some domains more or less valuable. Furthermore, specific industries come and go in popularity thus those domains also increase and decrease in price.

It's critical to understand the trends happening in various industries and to be ahead of the curve as much as possible.

Make sure to reach the article on the three types of domain investors, which will give you a sense of the different ways to buy and sell domains.

What happened to

The Website Flip acquired from its owners. Our goal is to bridge the gap between domain investors and website investors by performing this acquisition. was a blogging project about his journey through domaining started by Doron Vermaat, the co-founder for Efty. Doron is a prolific domain investor and his writings on the blog showcased that. He brought on various experts like Keith DeBoer who discussed his Brandable Insider podcast on the blog.

On March 29, 2021, Sean Markey, a prolific domainer and SEO who is well-known in the industry for combining branded domains with content websites, acquired from Doron. He ran the blog from March 2021 to September 2021.

Our team at The Website Flip acquired DNGeek from Sean as our vision of bridging the gap between website creators and domainers aligned with Sean's.

The Team

The team that will be doing the data-driven reports, guides, and frameworks about domain investing are:

Mushfiqur Sarker

Mushfiq Sarker, Founder

Mushfiq is the founder of The Website Flip. Since 2008, he has been active in the website investing industry with 215+ website exits to date. He will share his expertise on how to monetize domains. Read more about Mushfiq here.

Rob Mills, Domain Investor

Rob is a data analyst by day with years of experience analyzing trends in the domain industry. Rob utilizes his own data skills to acquire domains and hold. Rob also builds websites on the side for passive income. Check out Rob's LinkedIn.

Other Guides on Buying and Selling Domains

Check out the full selection of detailed guides: