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We acquired this website in August 2020 for $5,65O. We brought on a website operator to manage the business. We flipped the site in December 2020 for $30,100!

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Project Summary

Update: As of January 14, 2021, this site was sold for $30,100 on the Flippa marketplace. Here is the last update discussing the final numbers, reasoning as to why we are sold, and the remaining upside that the buyer can implement.

In August 2020, we acquired a website in the wellness/lifestyle niche from a private broker marketplace. This is a content website that was owned by a passionate individual that wrote high-quality content.

This website is part of an experiment of a multi-investor and operator business structure. We discussed the structure in detail in this case study update. In summary, two investors (including us) put down the capital to buy the site and the monthly operating costs, and we partner with an operator who manages the day-to-day. We split equity 50% to investors, and 50% to the operator.

The website was earning $250 per month in the trailing 6-months when acquired. The website is currently earning $900/month. The site is monetized with Amazon Associates, ShareASale network of brands, and Ezoic display ads.

The detailed case study writeups are summarized in the table below and all posts can be found here.

Dec 2020$936SITE SOLD: site was sold via Flippa for $30,100. Why did we sell? Upsides remaining for the new buyer.Read
Nov 2020$943Plans for flipping the site. Recap of stats.Read
Oct 2020$610New website redesign removing Divi for StudioPress. Impact of page speed load times due to Ezoic.Read
Sep 2020$378Streamlined content pipeline, Pinterest, and on-page SEO strategy is shared.Read
Aug 2020$338Investor-operator partnership update. Perform on-page improvements, stabilization of earnings, content audit, improve site speed, and added new content.Read
Jul 2020N/AStart of case study. How we partnered with a website operator with 50% equity split.Read

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Case Studies

Each monthly report includes the revenues, costs, and traffic stats, plus highlights, improvements, and plans for the following month. Check out these actionable reports: