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We acquired a website in the health vertical in April 2021 for $10,000. The website details are revealed for newsletter subscribers. Make sure to subscribe to get the inside scoop!

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Project Summary

In April 2021, the asset was purchased for $10,000 from the Flippa marketplace. The site at that time was earning $180 per month on average over the trailing 6-months, and $321 over the last 3 months.

This is a public case study. The website and hidden insider content will be revealed exclusively for newsletter subscribers. Make sure to subscribe to get the inside scoop!

The detailed case study writeups are summarized below and the full list can be found here.

Oct 2021$446Sold the site for $16,000 to a private buyer. This was a "failed" website flip. I explain why in this article.Read
Jul 2021$4886 articles published including 1 Skyscraper. Content interlinking. Traffic increased but revenues stagnant. Read
Jun 2021$51110 new articles. Acquired aged domain. Optimized SEO titles. Redesigned all pages in GeneratePress. Started skyscraper link building.Read
Apr - May 2021$550Easy wins implemention resulted in 40% revenue increase. Implemented email sequence. Added Ezoic display ads. Trialed/hired writers.Read
Mar 2021$393Acquisition details: purchased via Flippa buy it now at a 55X multiple for $10,000. Ahrefs DR was 7 with 339 referring domains total.Read

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Case Studies

Each monthly report includes the revenues, costs, and traffic stats, plus highlights, improvements, and plans for the following month. Check out these actionable reports: