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We acquired a website in the outdoor vertical in April 2020 for $23,000 at a 75X multiple. Learn how we grew the site to earn $4,000/mo and then sold for $175,000.

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Project Summary

Update: In March 2022, we sold this website for $175,000 through our newsletter to a private buyer. The website generated $100,938 in revenue during ownership and we spent $37,582 to grow it. Our total profit considering acquisition cost was $238,356.

In April 2020, the asset was purchased for $23,000 from the Flippa marketplace. The site at the time was earning $300 per month on average of the trailing 6-months. The site was receiving 100,000 page views per month on average. We saw immediate opportunities for easy wins that would significantly grow the website.

The site is in a seasonal niche thus the dropdown in revenue during the winter months. The site is monetized via Amazon Associates, private affiliate networks, CPA-based networks, and display advertisements. We have more than 20 revenue streams.

As of March 2022, we sold the site for $175,000 within 1-week of listing it in our Deal Flow newsletter.

The detailed case study writeups are summarized below and the full list can be found here.

Mar 2022N/AWe sold the website for $175,000 to a buyer in our newsletter! This ends the case study!
2021 Recap$49,735Read the annual recap of growing this site. I share revenues, costs, valuation, growth tactics, failures, and more.Read
Aug 2021$3,896Traffic was at 62,570 pageviews. How I onboared a direct advertiser, and how I am setting up a digital product funnel.Read
Jul 2021$3,208Traffic at 60,395 pageviews. Purchased a link detox that resulted in 1,661 domains that were disavowed in Google.Read
Jun 2021$3,644Traffic was at 59,745 pageviews with Ezoic earning now $15/day as a new revenue stream. I explain a Google Sheet I am using to track which pages need CRO.Read
May 2021$3,804Traffic is very volatile. The website operator has been let go. Site is now in "maintenance mode" for 6 months.Read
Apr 2021$3,779106 articles updatedRead
Mar 2021$4,511New title tag optimization. Silo topic is bringing in 6K visitors. Rebuilding shoulder niche site on aged domain.Read
Feb 2021$3,360Keyword position updates. Optimal commercial vs information content. Website operator update.Read
Jan 2021$5,274Guest posts from e-commerce brands. Replacing Elementor with GenerateBlocks. Shoulder site update.Read
Dec 2020$3,723Recap of improvements in 2020. Hiring of a website operations manager.Read
Nov 2020$4,271Return on investment achieved! Launch of new shoulder site. GA automation.Read
Oct 2020$6,250Display ad setup via NeworMedia,, and LockerDome. Amazon Prime Day promotion results.Read
Sep 2020$6,320Hiring more writers. Adding product popup boxes. Google indexing issues.Read
Aug 2020$6,969Purchase rights to 7 e-books. Facebook group partnerships for emails.Read
Jul 2020$7,539Breakdown of email marketing strategy. Renting out email list for revenue. Income diversification stats.Read
Jun 2020$3,858Private partnership structure with Amazon brands. Content audit process. Pinterest strategy.Read
May 2020$3,666Acquisition details: purchased at a 75X multiple for $23,000. Google May 2020 core update. Amazon commission cut.Read

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Case Studies

Each monthly report includes the revenues, costs, and traffic stats, plus highlights, improvements, and plans for the following month. Check out these actionable reports: