Custom Website Teardown to 10X Growth (PDF report)

Get an expert analysis of your site with recommendations to increase traffic and revenue

What’s included?

Deep-dive PDF report covering revenue, SEO, and content wins

Actionable recommendations for increasing traffic and revenue

Easy win growth levers that can be implemented immediately

Why do I need it?

Get expert advice on how to grow your site’s traffic and revenue

Gain insight from an outside expert on taking your site to the next level

What’s included?

A PDF report is delivered to your email inbox within 7-10 business days: Order Now

What’s Provided In This Service?

This service is performed by Mushfiq Sarker, an experienced website investor and operator with 15+ years of experience building and growing sites to six-figure valuations. Actionable recommendations are guaranteed.

This service includes:

Identifying easy wins for increasing revenue on your highest traffic pages

Reviewing the CRO (conversion rate optimization) of your site

Reviewing your comparison tables, call-to-action buttons, and product boxes

Reviewing the format of buying guides

Identifying additional monetization sources to add

Reviewing the site structure

Reviewing user interface elements that can affect monetization

Identifying site elements to remove to improve conversion

Analyzing important on-page SEO factors

Reviewing authority and trust signals

Reviewing the ratio of informational to commercial articles

Reviewing internal linking strategy

Identifying any issues that are slowing your site’s growth

Out-of-the-box tactics to increase revenues

Bonus #1: Answers to any questions you have about my report

Bonus #2: Access to the Website Flip Club Facebook community

The PDF report is about 10 pages in length with concise explanations of my takeaways and specific recommendations for your site.

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6 Reasons To Order This Service Right Now

PDF Report Delivered Within 7 Days

I will send you a PDF report with actionable recommendations based on my review of your site.

Easy Wins to Implement Immediately

I will identify the easy wins that can be implemented today to increase revenue immediately.

Designed for Content Site Owners

I created this service specifically for niche website builders and investors who want help to grow their sites.

For Beginners and Experts

Service is for content site owners that want help growing their site from an expert with a track record of 200+ website flips.

Get a Second Opinion

An outside expert can provide you with valuable insights that you may have missed or might not know about.

100% money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? We will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

See What Our Fans Are Saying

Mushfiq is very knowledgeable about his subject matter and a great resource.

His website is an in-depth resource, and I gained a lot from my consulting session with him.

Jared Bauman

Niche Pursuits

Valuable information and products

Mushfiq’s products are top notch! Not only that the service he provides and knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into website investing and owning use his products and services.

J Paul Dodson

You 100% get what you pay for

[This] is the go to place for learning how to buy, grow, and sell online businesses. The straightforward & practical approach of Mushfiq makes his content stand out in the industry. I’ve personally taken his course & 1 website teardown. 100% you get what you pay for.

Liam Lafferty

Five Stars for Mushfiq’s Consulting Service!

I read a TON of info on websites and Mushfiq’s is absolutely top of the stack. Always actionable, to the point, honest and on the mark.

I hired Mushfiq to do a tear-down review/video consult of one of my larger sites and it was a terrific investment. Highly recommend!

CleanShot 2024 01 27 at

Rachel Parisi

Hidden Goldmine for Content Site Investing

Super knowledgeable guy. Started following and quickly went deep down the rabbit hole of top quality content.

Love the newsletter with real insight from someone who does this stuff.

His products are underpriced in my opinion for the return they will get.

73x73 1

Cameron Upton

Mushfiq’s website due diligence

I used Mushfiq’s website due diligence service and it was very in-depth, honest, and filled with learnings.

He is an expert and very trustworthy person in the SEO, content, and online space. Takes pride in your requests and delivers. I would definitely work with him again!


Riad Bekhit

A Word From The Creator

Hey, Mushfiq here! I have been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. I’ve sold over 218+ websites with multiple six-figure exits.

I organized and created this service to help website owners who want personalized help to grow their websites. This service taps into my 15+ years of experience buying, growing and selling content-based websites.

I’ve also been featured on the following sites as an expert:

Mushfiqur Sarker
The Course on Website Flipping has been featured in many places
The Website Flip has been featured on

Get The Website Teardown Service

Tap into 15+ years of expertise in a no-fluff value-packed 10+ page report analyzing your website.

No fluff PDF report with personalized recommendations for increasing revenue immediately

Discover easy wins for your site that can be implemented today

Learn key insights about your site from the view of an outside expert with multiple six-figure website sales

Guaranteed to give value or get 100% of your money back

Bonus: Answers to any questions you have about the report

Bonus: Exclusive access to Website Flip Club Facebook group

$590, one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?

Anyone with a content or affiliate site that is looking for expert advice on how to increase traffic and revenues.

Isn’t everything in this service available online for free?

Yes, you could spend many hours learning how to build a profitable content site from free resources online or you can save a lot of time by getting personalized professional advice from an expert who has built multiple six-figure websites.

It can be very helpful to get an outside opinion even if you are an experienced website operator. An outside expert may see opportunities that you have missed.

How is the report delivered?

The report is delivered as a PDF report. The link to the PDF will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days of your order.

What if I have questions about the report?

I will answer any questions you have about the report via email.

What if I’m not satisfied with the report?

If you do not find value in my report or are unsatisfied for any reason, I will provide a full refund.

I have another question…

No problem! Use the chatbox on the bottom right of the page or send an email to