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Being in this industry for a decade, I have tried many tools, services, and software for building niche content websites. I’ve honed down on the best products summarized on this page.

Note that I built relationships with some of my favorite companies on this list. Using the links to purchase from the company supports me at no cost to you.

My Courses

Website Flipping Course

The Website Flip

Learn exactly how I’ve flipped 200+ websites with multiple 6-figure exits. This course is 14+ years of experience boiled down into actionable and organized videos. No fluff. Actionable content guaranteed.

Aged Domain Course

The Website Flip

Learn exactly how I’ve used aged domains to build content sites with 6 & 7-figure valuations. This course is 12+ years of experience boiled down into actionable and organized videos. No fluff. Actionable content guaranteed.

Start a Newsletter Course

The Website Flip

I’ve built multiple 6-7 figure newsletters. I show you how to put together a deep-dive newsletter with the processes, tools, and insights.

Other Courses

Authority Hacker

AH pro

If you want to learn how to build content sites from the ground-up, then this is the course for you. I’ve personally tested all of the courses and this is the best. Many of my team members receive access to this course for their training.

Practical Programmatic SEO Course

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Learn how to build programmatic SEO content websites from Ian Nuttall. Ian is the go-to expert in this having built, grown, and sold over 7-figures on pSEO websites.

My Services

Website Due Diligence

Are you looking to purchase a content website from a public marketplace (e.g., Flippa, Motion Invest, Empire Flippers) or a private buyer? Receive a video recording where I review the website’s SEO, monetization strategy, valuation, and provide overall recommendations.

Fixed-Fee Website Brokerage

We can sell your website.

  • 14 years of experience with over 200 deals
  • Save time working with our world-class team
  • We manage our own sites thus understand yours
  • We give you 3 ways to exit your business

Website Teardowns

Do you own a content site that’s getting organic and/or social traffic? Are you wondering what easy wins can propel your site forward? Get a hands-on actionable website teardown video where I walk through and find the tactics you can apply to grow traffic and/or grow revenue.

Aged Domain Strategy

Receive a video recording where I review the aged domain and your niche site (if you plan to do a redirect) to determine what the best strategy is. I review the aged domain’s history, existing backlinks, and best approach.

Strategy Call

If you want to discuss content website businesses, tactics, or have deeper questions on specific websites, we can hop on a conference call to discuss.

Ask Me Anything Questions

Sometimes you just have a burning question but it’s not worth it to hop on a consulting call. With this service, you can ask me one or more questions. I will answer via email or a Google Doc (your preference).

How I Host My Courses


thrivecart logo

ThriveCart has enabled The Website Flip to be what it is today. You can host digital products with upsells, down sells, product bumps, and more. With ThriveCart’s Learn product, you can host your entire video course. All of my courses are using ThriveCart. I highly recommend and stand by the tool!


Server: Cloudways

CW Logo Horizontal Blue

Cloudways is my choice of the best hosting provider after trying several over the years. Cloudways gives me all the benefits of cloud hosting without having to pay someone with the technical expertise to keep things running smoothly. The speed is fast and the hosting is extremely reliable.

CDN: Cloudflare

cf logo h rgb

Good free resource that helps optimize the speed and performance of my site for users. Using a cloud resource for caching means even visitors with slower internet speeds will be able to have a good experience on my site, making them more likely to stick around.

WP Plugins & Themes

Theme: GeneratePress Premium

header dark asset

There are good free themes out there, but GeneratePress Premium is fast, flexible, and versatile.

All of my websites are designed with this theme. You can customize a site to your liking by using one of their starter templates.

Customization: GeneratePress Blocks

CleanShot 2022 07 06 at 10.42.15

GenerateBlocks is my go-to to add further customization to a GeneratePress.

This adds page-builder functionality (e.g., buttons, columns, headers) without the bloat from typical page builders (like Elementor)

Caching: WPRocket

logo black wp rocket

Having a caching service is important to keep site speed high. Especially as Google continues to move towards site speed being one of the major ranking factors for SEO.

My preference is WPRocket plugin. It’s extremely reliable, does a great job of caching pages, and performs very well.

Image: ShortPixel

SHORTPIXEL Logo Complete

ShortPixel is a very affordable paid plugin that optimizes photo size through compression. This plugin does an excellent job of keeping very high photo quality while cutting up to 60% of the size out of every uploaded picture.

SEO: RankMath

47 473960 rank math logo png transparent png

Rank Math SEO is a free plugin that makes it easy to take care of the basic SEO requirements for a website. They handle sitemaps, scheme markup, suggested best SEO practices, and more.

Updates: ManageWP

manage wp

Having one place to manage all updates for all sites is a huge time saver. ManageWP also take periodic backups for all of my websites. I sleep well at night knowing my sites are updated and backed up for a small fee per month.

Tables: NinjaTables Pro

Ninja Tables Pro Logo

Ninja Tables Pro is touted by many niche website builders for a very simple reason: because it’s the best option out there for good-looking customizable tables. I’ve tested several tools and this is the one I use in my tech stack.

Ad Management: Ad Inserter

logo wp

Ad Inserter Pro is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to place ads throughout my site where I want them to appear. Good for placing custom ads or even Ezoic placeholders; it’s a huge time saver.

Amazon: AAWP

aawp logo

The AAWP plugin for WordPress is pretty much the king of Amazon link plugins. This makes it easy to switch all links from a purchased site from the previous owner’s account to my own.

Internal Linking: Link Whisper

rsz linkwhisperlogo large

Link Whisper is an exceptional paid WordPress plugin created by Spencer Haws. This tool shows how many inbound and outbound links go to each post, and suggests posts to link to whenever adding new or editing old content.

Security: Wordfence


Wordfence Security is a security plugin that scans for malware, hacks, and potential security issues with your website. It’s a free plugin that does a great job keeping sites secure and notifying you of any potential issues.